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Amazon Has Over 40% of All E-Commerce Sales in the US

In my exploration of FAANG companies, I thought it would be interesting to see just how dominant they are in their respective fields. Although Amazon has now expanded to streaming, pharmacy, and even brick-and-mortar stores, it's ecommerce sales remain its largest revenue source. From the graph above, you can see just how significant Amazon's dominance is; for every 5 dollars spent online, 2 of those goes to Amazon. Significantly, none of Amazon's competitors in the e-commerce space had placed much emphasis on their online business before the pandemic, and these 9 other companies still make the majority of their sales through brick and mortar stores. Until another company decides to make a more significant effort to increase its online buying experience, Amazon's dominance will probably continue.

Outside of the US, Amazon's dominance dissipates. According to Activate Consulting, Amazon's market share globally is 13%. Chinese companies Taobao(15%), TMall(14%), JD(9%), and Pinduoduo(4%), make up 44% of ecommerce globally, underlining China's continued dominance as a trading partner for the US and many other countries.

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